Picture this: A plastic mat measuring 7 ft x 5 ft is spread on a podium. The mat is designed like a board game and has rows of large circles in different colours on it.

Participants have to follow the path along the circles based on instructions read out by the emcee and are eliminated when they fall. Five brave boys get set to play the game. Right foot on red – head on light green – hand on blue – leg on air … the instructions get tough for the participants and a few fall out. To add to the excitement is the emcee asking the cheering crowd to suggest a move such that they all can be knocked out.

The game called Twister was organised as part of ‘Informals' near the Student Activity Centre at IIT-Madras, as part of Saarang 2011 on Thursday. A majority of the games were borrowed from AXN with little improvisation.

Zorbing was yet another adventure where one squeezed and rolled like a ball for a few minutes inside a transparent PVC sphere.

Day three at Saarang had its good share of fun, adventure and creativity, thanks to the planning. The Fine Arts hut was abuzz with teams of two putting their creativity and presentation to design on one of the three themes — a hybrid car, futuristic building and trophy for music award. The materials that went into making them included ice cream sticks, broom sticks, wool and thermocol.

Music-related events were the other spotlight. While ‘Tarang' focussed on light music bands, ‘Aria' saw participants crooning to western music. The dance workshop organised by Guna of Flyerz Dance Company had pairs putting their dancing shoes, some for the first time.

The Model United Nations (MUN) had ‘delegates' more or less busy with the affairs of the world. Some came to Saarang mainly for the MUN. Amogh Sharma from Hindu College, Delhi said: “It is addictive and a step forward from debating where you are on the shoes of a diplomat,” he says.

The World Culture Show and one of the biggest crowd-pullers at the fest ‘Choreo Nite' made the rest of the evening musical.

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