As part of the decennial celebration of Tenth Planet, sessions on open source IT Solutions was held. The session Compiere Plane’t was replete with how user friendly the compere ERP is for the users with standing examples of deployment at Vietnam. However, the highlights of this programme are the successful deployment of ERP on Cloud, which is the SaaS Model, for a Chennai-based customer.


Session Pentaho Planet session started off with some interesting examples. Tenth Planet focuses on readymade apps, which they claim as the most important requirement for any organisation, services and solutions available on the cloud.

While their focus has been on SaaS model, they are open to have their apps and services at Indian cost being paid monthly by the customer, without shifting their focus on quality of output. Ten10 Process has been their biggest success as regards delivery of services and solutions to the customers are concerned. Case study of customer satisfaction survey across Europe and APAC Regions, were played to the audience.

Open Source IT education and India Internet Ready on Open Source were other topics of discussion. They gave presentation about various open IT solution, ERP business intelligence, social networking, social media, e-commerce and e-learning. There were demonstrations, presentations and testimonials about how all these can be achieved at low-cost by the companies.

“We are ready to organise such conferences at our office at Anna Salai every month. Industrialists, entrepreneurs, NGOs and schools can participate,” says Kumaran Mani, CEO, Tenth Planet. “While colleges can invite us to hold such workshops on their premises, we are open to students attending our programmes on our premises,” he added.

For students

OSREADY is a chance for students to learn how Tenth Planet in the past ten years has successfully served enterprise customers, NGOs with Open Source Software (OSS) technologies across the globe. The organisation has plans to conduct conferences throughout colleges in India, to highlight the importance of Open Source technologies to young graduate engineers.

About five different Open Source IT sessions will be presented by senior members. They will focus on how to use the final-year project to be job-ready, how to find the best job opportunities in latest technical skills and how to be code-ready for the same, how to become and ERP and BI developer, tester or analyst to grow your career on fast track, how to develop your own mobile apps and make money online as a student, how to launch your own start-up venture and be an young entrepreneur.

By participating in this event, students will develop new insights, knowledge and experience that they can apply to enhance skills, become job-ready, improve placements and foster research and innovation. The conference will showcase latest trends, innovative open source tools, applications and technologies that are used by enterprises across the globe.

They are ready to offer the colleges, who are hosting the OSREADY conference with the following additional benefits. They will provide free access to all participating students.

Other benefits include latest technology e-learning courses to improve technical and communication skills; online job portal with job posts, skill assessment test for employment opportunities; complete IT process guide for launching your online ideas in the market; online portfolio, networking with peers; Tech videos on various topics and technical publications.

One can schedule an OSREADY conference by sending an email to or call 9551696614.

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