T. Nagar Exnora Innovators Club conducted a special meeting at October 26 at Laxmathi Towers, 35 (28), Padmanaba Street, T. Nagar, to discuss problems such as heavy traffic congestion near pedestrian crossings; possible problems due to the proposed multi-storied vehicle parking near Panagal Park and the problems posed by roadside eateries in T. Nagar. Several Civic Exnora units and residents welfare associations participated.

R. Govindaraj, Joint General Secretary; Anand Laxman, Senator, Exnora International; T.R. Srinivasan, president, R. Srinivasa Raghavan, secretary, T. Nagar (North) Exnora; T.K. Raghunathan, president, Santhanam, secretary, T. Nagar (South) Exnora; R. Sridharan, president, A.K. Ramu, secretary, T. Nagar (East) Exnora; and N. Sampath Kumar, president, T. Nagar (West) Exnora; led the meeting.

Mr. Laxman welcomed the gathering and stressed the importance of the meeting and urged the participants to give their views on the issues faced by residents.

Major issues

One of the major issues discussed was heavy pedestrian flow crossing the Usman Road at Duraisamy Road junction, Ranganathan Street junction and Madley Road junction. Residents said that the problem aggravates during the festive season, causing disruption in traffic flow.

They felt that only a pedestrian subway or a foot over-bridge at these junctions can serve as a permanent solution.

The roadside eateries pose a major health hazard due to its unhygienic environment. At a time when the city is grappling with the spread of dengue and other food and water-borne diseases, these eateries pose a big challenge to the health officials.

Floating population

At T. Nagar, this problem is even more difficult to handle due to the heavy floating population. Further, these eateries cause major sanitation problem as waste is dumped on the roadside, often clogging the storm water drains. The residents demanded the removal of these eateries.

Welcoming the Government’s decision to construct a multi-level vehicle parking near Panagal Park, the residents said that it has been a long-pending issue. However, they felt that the parking lot at the proposed location could aggravate traffic congestion, if not designed properly. If the entry and exit is not properly planned, there could be more traffic snarls and the parking won’t serve any purpose, they felt.

The meeting unanimously decided to submit an appeal to the Chief Minister, requesting her to intervene in the above matters and solve the long-pending issues.

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