The typical rush exclusive to Ranganathan Street, the scorching sun, the rustle of hundreds of plastic bags, the exchanges between cost-conscious customers and vendors… imagine the degree of excitement if all this is suddenly interrupted by a song and the appearance of a star.

Customers, shopkeepers and vendors in the shopping hub of T. Nagar were pleasantly surprised to find actor Suriya in the crowd, dancing to a song played through speakers.

To add to the fun, people who were standing in the shops, or along the pavements instantly joined him. It was a sequence planned and executed by director Murugadoss for the actor's next big film ‘7uam Arivu' recently.

On how he managed to do so, Murugadoss says it took a lot of planning and practice. The crew, including Suriya and 700 dancers, rehearsed for hours together at the AVM Studio for three days before actually getting to the spot.

On the day before the actual shoot, the director and his team went to the lane well past midnight and placed cameras in six locations.

“We wanted the whole sequence to be natural. We wanted to capture the genuine reaction of surprised customers and vendors. We could not afford to make any mistake because there was no question of a second take,” says Murugadoss.

Another interesting element about this sequence, which is the “introduction song” in the film is that the 700 dancers include some senior artists who have made a re-entry into the field after a break of over 10-15 years.

“As more and more young dancers enter the field, the senior artists retire from active performance in films. We thought it would be nice to include many of them in this song. It was an enjoyable experience for all of us,” says the director.

With the equipment being placed in advance and the technicians' crew assembling in advance quietly, the whole shoot was completed in about 10 minutes, sources say.

The film, being produced by Udhayanidhi Stalin's Red Giant Movies, is said to have many such little surprises. “We are most likely to complete the filming by the end of this month. Post-production and computer graphics work will be taken up after that,” Murugadoss adds.

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Meera SrinivasanJune 28, 2012

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