A group of students from arts and sciences colleges will come together to discuss and offer solutions to pressing urban health problems such as HIV, infectious diseases, non-communicable diseases and addiction to alcohol and drugs.

The Department of Community Medicine of Chengalpet Medical College has organised the event in association with the students of National Service Scheme.

The event was conceptualised by community medicine professors, who are looking for a breakthrough in developing health policies to improve sanitation, prevent HIV and other infectious diseases, non-communicable diseases, increase insurance coverage and tackle addictions of all kinds, said Arun Murugan, secretary of the organising summit and assistant professor of community medicine at Chengalpet Medical College.

A total of 22 students from across the State, and Bengaluru and Puducherry have been selected. They have been given guide books to enable them to participate in the health summit to be held on August 28 with resource persons for the five topics.

Participating organisations include Transparent Chennai for sanitation, which will be represented by Nithya Raman. Dr. Chitra and Dr. Arun will lead the discussion on non-communicable diseases.

T.S. Selva Vinayagam, joint director, Chief Minister’s comprehensive health insurance scheme, will be the resource person for discussion on health insurance, and non-governmental organisation Paadam will work on addictions. Rakhal Gaitonde of Community Health Cell will be the domain expert for the discussion on HIV and infectious diseases.

After the mock-parliament, the students will pass resolutions and develop a policy document which will be forwarded to the World Health Organisation.


Arts, Entertainment & EventsMay 14, 2012

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