A group of students from a Chennai School on M.H. Road along with their parents barged into Ripon Buildings on Tuesday, to seek the intervention of the Mayor after being allegedly denied promotion to class X despite performing well.

The officials had to show copies of the students’ answer scripts to their parents, in order to pacify them. The parents left the Chennai Corporation building once they had seen the answer scripts, but students were seen weeping in the corridors after officials confirmed that they had not been promoted and that they had to repeat class IX.

Some of the students continued to claim that they had actually scored well. “I scored 81/100 in social science. But they told me that I scored just 18. They did not show me all my answer scripts,” said one of the students.

“A total of 34 students in our school have been detained in class IX,” said one student. Another student claimed that she had scored 380/500 in the half-yearly examination. “But I have not been promoted to class X,” she said.

However officials countered the students’ claims. “These students have scored poorly. Their scores are in single digits. That is why they have not been promoted,” said a Corporation official.

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