An app developed by a group from Rajalakshmi Engineering College promises to help students check their attendance and internal marks, solve aptitude questions and also network with their contemporaries in other colleges.

Developed by T.N. Tejas Naren, L.R. Sanjeevi and K. A. Shankar Siddharth of the computer science department, the app — Athena — was released a week ago.

Promoted by the college, the app will enable students to download notes, circulars, question banks and marks, as and when they are announced. There is also a facility, Bazaar, to help students buy and sell used books among their college mates, said Tejas.

“The best part is we can monitor our attendance and marks in internal tests. This way, we can always alert the University if there are discrepancies at the end of the semester,” said Tejas. The app will also have college bus timings and route changes.

Not just students, parents too can download the app and monitor their wards’ performance and attendance, said Shankar.

A dedicated team in the college will update details on the server regularly, he said. Moreover, students can also receive notifications of events happening across the country.

“While a part of this app is specific to students of our college, another part can be used by all students. The intention is to create a forum where students can share their doubts and teachers can answer them.”

College professors B.R. Gopi and B. Bhuvaneswaran have mentored the students on the project.

Thangam Meghanathan, chairperson, Rajalakshmi College of Engineering, said the project is an attempt to encourage students to do hands-on work.