While enforcing strict restrictions on students, colleges in the city may need to ensure they are adhered to and not just by female students. For example, the rules are very different for girls and boys at Anna University hostels. The in-time for girls is a ‘strict 9 p.m.' on all days and a visit to the local guardian needs to be sanctioned by the warden.

“Till about a year ago, we could spend the weekend at a local guardian's place, but now that is not allowed. We can go home twice a month but only after we give a letter signed by our parents and the head of the department in our college,” says a student from Pudukottai at College of Engineering.

There is little check on male students though. “The rule says they have to be inside the hostel before 10 p.m. but nobody monitors that,” says the student. Anna University Vice-Chancellor P. Mannar Jawahar said that soon, stricter rules will be enforced for them too.