Work to lay a thin white topping of cement concrete, as a measure to prevent damage to the road surface, on an experimental basis is likely to begin next week on a stretch of 200 metres of the Mambakkam Main Road near Medavakkam.

According to officials of the Highways Department, the work order was issued to the contractor recently. The project is being implemented at a cost of Rs.25 lakh. A 16-cm thick layer of cement concrete would be laid on top of the existing tar road.

This would help keep the road surface intact even during rain.

It would take 10 days to lay the concrete topping and 28 days for it to cure. Traffic on one lane of the road would be closed for the work, the officials said.

Regular cement concrete roads are 50 cm to 60 cm thick. The specifications for laying the thin white topping have been provided by the Highways Research Station, the officials said.

It is cheaper than regular concrete roads and lasts longer than roads with tar topping. The performance of the stretch would be studied before being extended to other roads. The officials said that such toppings could be used on interior roads in low level areas.


Deepa H. RamakrishnanJune 28, 2012

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