Exercise, environment and education are essential for physical and mental health, said Jennifer McIntyre, US Consul General, revealing how the U.S., together with India, was promoting healthy living.

Inaugurating PSBB School's project ‘Back to the future for a healthy living' on Thursday, Ms. McIntyre said there was a close relationship between health and education and exercise could promote mental health and well-being. The Let's Move program in U.S. was primarily to address the challenge of childhood obesity, she said.

As environment was another contributing factor for healthy living, the US Consulate has gone green in daily work to promote good environmental practices at workplace and residences. Education was essential for fostering understanding and respect for those who have different backgrounds, faiths, ideas and views.

Aware that a lot of former PSBB students were pursuing higher education in the US, she hoped that many more would be visiting US for higher studies.

Yoga, meditation and vegetarianism were demonstration of healthy Indian influence on America, Ms. McIntyre said. Earlier, the Consul General patiently walked through the halls exhibiting projects of students patiently listening to the students for over an hour.

She bumped into the trio of S. Swapna, V. Urmika and V. Nikitha, to start with, to have her lessons in the benefits of an Idli, Pongal, Sambar breakfast on a banana leaf which offered a balance diet and good for digestion, stomach upsets and ulcers. R. Janani and G.S. Nandhitha, students of the bio-department, who walked Ms. McIntyre through the displays, said the students researched on the net extensively over a month and consulted vegetarian restaurants, doctors and specialists, to make models, mostly in eco-friendly materials.

The Consul General also had a handshake with R. Anastacia, an American, who is studying at PSBB on an U.S. State Department's exchange programme. After watching a musical short film on how students, the future citizens, could usher in a new world with no greed, Ms. McIntyre said she was impressed with the talent.

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