The State government has decided to purchase the copyrights of works of Professor K.M. Venkataramiah (1911-1994), who contributed to the studies of Tamil and Saivite philosophy.

According to an order issued by the Tamil Development, Charitable Endowments and Information a couple of weeks ago, the legal heirs of Venkataramiah would be given a compensation of Rs. 15 lakh. By purchasing the copyrights the government would make the works available in the public domain.

Prof. Venkataramiah, who was born in Karampakkam near Porur, on the outskirts of Chennai, was known for his in-depth scholarship of Tamil, though his mother tongue was Telugu.

He had served as the principal of the Thirupananthal Swaminatha Swamigal Classical Tamil College for 28 years. After being part of the Tirukkural Chair in the Annamalai University for three and a half years, he was an honorary professor in the Department of Manuscripts in the Tamil University, Thanjavur, for five years.

He had authored 19 books, including those on Saiva saints, Tolkappiam, Thanjavur Maratha kings and Tirukkural.