Government colleges across the State will offer 398 new courses soon.

Many of these courses have been introduced to bring some variety to college campuses and also improve students’ job opportunities.

The decision to introduce the courses was made in April. After a delay of over four months, the colleges have now received instructions from the government to start admitting students for these courses.

Specialisations in nutrition science, statistics, aqua culture and visual communication, will be available in 51 government arts and science colleges.

For these courses, 827 assistant professor posts have been created, and recruitment will begin soon, said officials.

“Government arts colleges are the mainstay of the poorer sections of society. This move of the State government’s will go a long way in helping children from these families enrol in some top-notch programmes,” said M. Ravichandran, vice president, All India Federation of University and College Teachers.

“These courses will be a boon to families that cannot afford to send their meritorious children to high-profile colleges that charge hefty fees. Now, the doors are open to them. Students can now obtain a similar degree from government colleges, for less than Rs. 2,000,” he said.

The Tamil Nadu Government College Teachers’ Manram said the move by the government would benefit several students in the State.