On the basis of ‘overall excellent track record'

Tamil Nadu has been given the highest allocation of $155.31 million (approximately Rs.750 crore) under the World Bank-assisted programme of Dam Rehabilitation and Improvement Project (DRIP).

The project, covering Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa and Tamil Nadu, is proposed to be implemented in six years.

It aims at restoring the capacity of dams, achieving effective utilisation of stored water and managing the long-term performance of the dams.

Three main components

The DRIP has three main components — rehabilitation and improvement of dams and associated appurtenances, strengthening of dam safety institutions and project management.

The total project cost is $437.5 crore (Rs.2,100 crore). In terms of the number of dams too, Tamil Nadu accounts for 104 out of 223 dams to be taken up under the project.

The State has a total of 108 dams. Thirty-one dams in Kerala, 50 in Madhya Pradesh and 38 in Orissa have been included in the project.

According to a senior government official here, representatives of the World Bank and the Union government, at a meeting about a month ago, had pointed out that the highest allocation to Tamil Nadu was made on the basis of the State's “overall excellent track record,” in implementing projects of the multilateral agency in all sections, the most recent being the Rs.2,547-crore Irrigated Agriculture Modernisation and Water Bodies Restoration and Management (IAMWARM) Project.

The official adds that the project will be launched soon.

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