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Updated: March 20, 2013 11:12 IST

Sparrow meat, a delicacy in Karur bars

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The birds are said to have been sold to the bars at Rs. 5 each
The Hindu
The birds are said to have been sold to the bars at Rs. 5 each

New threat to already-dwindling sparrow population

The already-dwindling population of house sparrows is facing a new threat from bars attached to wine shops attached to TASMAC (Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation) wine shops in Karur town in the State.

Naturalists received information about the trapping of house sparrows in hundreds every day in the town. The birds are said to have been sold to the bars at Rs. 5 each and their meat is served as delicacy there.

Mohammed E. Dilawar, president of the Nature Forever Society, said he received a mail from a resident of Karur that thousands of sparrows were caught every month and the meat was being served in TASMAC bars in Karur for Rs 30 a plate. The sparrow meat has become very popular among bar-goers in the town and it has replaced rabbit meat, which has been banned by the Forest authorities, the informer told him.

Following the killing of sparrows, their population in the town has drastically come down. Now, the poachers have moved into the nearby wooded areas to trap them. The serving of sparrow meat in some of the bars in Karur has become very popular, leading to increased revenue for the bars, the informer said in his mail to Mr Dilawar.

Another nature lover said a section of people in rural areas of the State believed that herbal preparation of sparrow meat (Chittu Kuruvi Legiyam) would enhance virility in men.

Volunteers of the Tamil Nadu Green Movement on a visit confirmed that sparrow meat was served at the bars.

When contacted Bhagwan Singh, Chief Wildlife Warden, Tamil Nadu, acknowledged the receipt of the complaint and said action would be initiated against the violators shortly.

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It is so inhuman to find pleasure in killing innocent creatures. The
rate at which the natural resources are being destroyed we will be
forced to show our children about then only in books. Shame on people
who don't value the gifts of nature.

from:  Padmavathi Balaji
Posted on: Mar 21, 2013 at 15:05 IST

What is it with humans that we like to see pain and suffering of
innocents. Does it not make us Humans as sadists? When one inhuman
behavior is banned, they take up another. Now the inhuman behavior
has gone on to the little sparrows. Already we are being inhuman to
chicken, goat, cow, fish, and other innocent animals. God has given us
so many fruits and vegetables, yet we are attracted to meat, in spite
of the immense pain and suffering we cause to animals, and the damage
to environment. Shame on us as a species that is destroying this
beautiful creation of God.

from:  K Bharani Nath
Posted on: Mar 20, 2013 at 14:55 IST
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