The Corporation Council on Thursday passed a resolution cancelling the proposed sound-and-light show at the Victoria Public Hall, which is under restoration.

The initiative to commission the sound-and-light show was taken by former Mayor M. Subramanian as part of the measures to attract tourists .

A senior official said “heavy cost” was the reason for cancellation of the proposal.

The estimate of Rs.3.26 crore for the show was approved by the previous Corporation Council on May 31, 2011. It has been cancelled now and “the Corporation may look at it later on,” the official said.

The council, however, approved the revised estimate for electrical installations without the sound-and-light show and air-conditioning for the Victoria Public Hall at a cost of Rs.49.75 lakh.

The consultant for the sound-and-light show was required to develop content for the show based on the theme ‘Evolution of Chennai.' The show was proposed to be conducted on the ground floor of the hall.

Officials said the first floor of hall may be let out for functions and meetings that promote arts and culture.


Arts, Entertainment & EventsMay 14, 2012