The city traffic police will try a novel method to create awareness about the benefits of wearing seat belts – a flash street play.

The play, which will be a mime, will be conducted by an organisation, Thozhan Iyakkam, on Sunday at Madley Road junction in T. Nagar, which witnesses heavy traffic on weekdays. The troupe will consist of four teams of three members each.

From next week onwards, the traffic police intend to strictly enforce the seat belt rule, and have formed 50 special teams for implementation.

The fine for a first-time offence will be Rs. 100 and will increase to Rs. 300 if the offence is committed again.

However prior to beginning enforcement, the police are keen on creating awareness among the public about the rule, and the street play is part of their awareness campaign.

Each team will perform skits and hold placards with the awareness message at the Madley Road junction.

“Our skits will last 100 seconds, which corresponds to the waiting time at the traffic signal. One member will act as a driver wearing a seat belt and another will be the passenger who does not. Street plays are ideal for creating awareness and we will feel satisfied even if one motorist gets the message and follows the rule,” said M. Radhakrishnan, organiser of the troupe.

The troupe has been enacting plays on traffic-related themes and other social issues in different parts of the city.

“Members of the troupe will wear masks while enacting the play. This will catch the attention of the public easily. I saw them enacting a drama on Deepavali, and decided to use their skills to create awareness,” said Surendranath, assistant commissioner of police (traffic), T. Nagar.

Besides, the police will also distribute pamphlets detailing the importance of wearing seat belts, at all major traffic junctions.

“We will create awareness before fining motorists. An awareness rally on Marina Beach involving 400 students is also planned for November 29,” said a senior traffic police officer.

On Wednesday, an awareness drive on this subject was organised with students in various parts of the city.

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