The new textbooks for class IX students, who will be inducted into the trimester pattern from the 2013 academic year, will soon go into printing, said Textbook Corporation officials.

According to an official from the State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT), unlike classes I to VIII which have one or two volumes each trimester, one for language and another for the other subjects — the class IX syllabus will come in three volumes. “The first volume will comprise languages (Tamil and English), the second maths, and the third science and social science, since the syllabus is more voluminous than that of the other classes,” the official said.

School education minister N.R. Sivapathy, announced during the Central Advisory Board of Education meeting in New Delhi in November that the trimester pattern currently being followed in classes I to VIII would be extended to class IX and X by 2014-15.

Under this pattern, the academic year is split into three terms and textbooks for that term consist only of the chapters which will be covered in that trimester.

The SCERT official said that while there would not be major changes in terms of content, certain portions have been reviewed and errors have been corrected.

“We conducted a review among teachers and in the science textbook, for instance, we found that one or two concepts needed more explanation,” the official said, adding that they were aiming at providing error-free textbooks. The chapters in each subject will be split into three trimesters based on the number of working days in each term. “We are adding activities at the end of the chapters and are aiming at providing error-free textbooks,” the official added.

While the SCERT is managing the content of the textbook, the Textbook Corporation is involved in the designing and printing of the books, officials said. After complaints from students during the first trimester in 2012 that the pages in the textbook were unravelling, an official from the Textbook Corporation said that they would use central pinning to hold the books together. “There will also be value additions in the back wrapper of the class IX textbook,” the official said.

While the class IX textbooks will be available before the commencement of the next academic year, priority, the Textbook Corporation official said, was being given to the class X and XII textbooks. “Priority is being given to class X and XII textbooks, which will be in the system by the first week of March. The printing process of these books is underway,” the official said.