The Chennai Corporation will construct concrete roads inside the Perungudi and Kodungaiyur dumping yards at a cost of Rs. 10.59 crore.

The corporation council is likely to pass a resolution on the construction of these roads this month.

The roads will facilitate dumping of garbage away from residential neighbhourhoods near the dumping yards. Residents of the localities have staged a number of protests seeking to draw attention to the fires and pollution in the dumping yards. The Perungudi facility will have 2.5 km of new concrete roads leading to three different sectors for systematic dumping of waste.

“We have started source segregation and this new approach will solve existing problems to a certain extent,” said an official.

The waste will not be dumped in a haphazard manner in Kodungaiyur too. Over 2.3 km of concrete roads in Kodungaiyur will be constructed.

The corporation will also commence inter-carting mounds of waste now located near the entrance to the Perungudi dumping yard. New waste will then be dumped only in designated areas.

The unplanned dumping of waste in Perungudi and Kodungaiyur dumping yards has frequently caused problems, including fires and pollution.

The civic body has already constructed temporary roads so that garbage can be dumped in the interior of the yards. The new dumping area in Kodungaiyur will be at least 1.5 km away from major residential localities.

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