Thematic exhibition to be spread over 10 days

The ancient port city of Poompuhar conjures up images of traders selling choicest items brought from their various sojourns into foreign lands. It is easy to imagine merchants hoarding pearls, precious jewels, metal ware and textiles in tiny tent stalls, calling out to customers.

At the Tamil Nadu Handicrafts Development Corporation's showroom on Anna Salai, the scene on Saturday may not have been as magical but the works on display are no less eye catching. The work of around 20 artisans from across the country spells their hard work and hours of dedication to their art. Artisans and sales persons vie with each other to attract customers' attention with description of their wares.

In keeping with their trend of conducting exhibitions to preserve languishing crafts and encourage artisans, the Corporation has organised a 10-day exhibition. Each exhibition has a theme.

This time, it is a fair where artisans can showcase their crafts. The wide range of items displayed is merely a sample of the country's rich collection of talent. From lacquer bangles and metal earrings to ‘rudhraksham', incense sticks and ‘pooja' articles, there is enough to feast the eyes on.

Past a row of traditional bronze lamps, which is part of Poompuhar's regular display are the tiny stalls that showcase semi-precious gems, pearls, stone and imitation jewellery, silk stoles, scarves, garments, cotton saris and delicately embroidered cloth handbags.

The ‘Crafts Mela', which has 22 stalls, presents metal jewellery from Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan, saris from Andhra Pradesh and heavily embroidered silk cushions covers from Varanasi. There are also miniature Ravi Varma paintings from Kerala, wooden articles from Saharanpur and the famous Kondapalli toys from Andhra Pradesh. An interesting array of articles from conches and seashells transports a visitor back in time to the beaches of Poompuhar. The exhibition is on till March 12 from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.


At WorkSeptember 24, 2010

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