During weekends, people throng the area with fishing gear

A pond which served as an outlet for sewage for nearly seven years is now a freshwater source in Ambattur.

The water body was originally a shallow pond used to treat waste water from Ambattur Industrial Estate. After the sewage treatment plant in the south phase of the industrial estate was upgraded recently, the pond was deepened and converted into a source of freshwater.

Rather than release the treated water into the civic body’s infrastructure, the Ambattur Industrial Estate Manufacturers’ Association (AIEMA) decided to store the water in the pond and supply it for industrial use.

The water body, which is four metres deep and spread over an acre, is fed with nearly 20 lakh litres of treated sewage from the plant every day. This is one of the green initiatives undertaken by the industrial estate as part of its golden jubilee celebration.

Members of the Association said residents from neighbouring areas visited the water body regularly for fishing. During weekends, people thronged the area with fishing gear. Water quality in the surrounding areas, too, has improved as the pond aids in groundwater recharge.

“We have added tertiary treatment plants to the facilities in the south and north phases of the industrial estate. We store water for a few days and supply it to various industries, including garment and dying units,” said a member of AIEMA. The Association is also considering fish culture in the pond.

Highlighting other initiatives undertaken to keep the industrial estate ‘clean and green,’ AIEMA president, P.S. Ramesh, said, there were also attempts to manage hazardous waste. Land for setting up a transit point in the estate has been earmarked. About 50 tonnes of hazardous waste is estimated to be generated by about 700 industrial units in the estate.

The Association is also installing a dozen solar street lamps as a pilot project. More streets will be illuminated with solar lamps based on the performance of the existing ones, Mr. Ramesh said.

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