A class XI student from Tiruvannamalai district was found wandering near Chennai Central Station on Saturday afternoon. He first claimed to have been kidnapped, but later admitted to police that he had run away from home as he was frustrated over not getting more pocket money.

The boy, who was wandering just outside the station around 1.30 p.m., was spotted by traffic police, who asked him where he was from and why he was there. The boy told them he had been kidnapped in a car from Polur, a town in Tiruvannamalai district, when he was on his way to a boarding school in Uthangarai, in neighbouring Krishnagiri district. He then said he had managed to give the kidnappers the slip at Central, and had been waiting to board a bus to go to his relative’s house nearby.

The police immediately began a search for suspicious vehicles and questioned people at the station, but did not find anything. When the boy was questioned again, the police began to suspect his story, as he claimed he was treated well by the kidnappers and also said they had not made any demands.

In the meantime, the police managed to get in touch with one of the boy’s relatives, Manikandan, who is a deputy superintendent of police in Dharmapuri. “The boy told us about Manikandan and through him, we got in touch with the boy’s parents,” said S. Ramesh Babu, inspector, Elephantgate police.

Police then found out that on March 1, the boy had returned to his home in Polur for the weekend, after completing his exams at his boarding school. On March 3, before leaving for school again, he had asked his father for more pocket money. His father refused.

The boy then left home, telling his parents he was going to school, but instead, came to Chennai. His school believed he was still at home.

Police re-united the boy with his parents and gave him a stern warning. No case has been registered, a police officer said.

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