Commissioner of Police T. Rajendran on Saturday warned of stern action against motorists who do not give way to ambulances. “On hearing the ambulance siren, vehicles must go to the left, stop and give way to the ambulance. Also, they should not speed up behind it.”

It is mandatory to give way to an ambulance even on busy roads, he said, after flagging off a walkathon organised by Rotary Club of Madras Perungudi. It was conducted as part of the club’s ‘Give way to ambulance’ campaign towards the goal of ‘Fatality Free Chennai 2020’.

Over 300 persons from various walks of life, including software professionals and school and college students, participated in the walkathon at the Marina.

Pointing out there are about 300 ambulances in the city which make close to 1,200 trips everyday, former governor of the Rotary International District P.T. Prabhakar said each one of those patients deserves to reach a hospital as soon as possible. “More needs to be done to sensitise people about the importance of emergency healthcare while on the road.”

Participating in the walkathon, actor Sriman said saving a human life has limitless value. “The few minutes that many of us might otherwise save pales in comparison to the fact that it might help someone live better or even live.”

The need to better appreciate the ‘golden hour’ and develop a sensitive approach to road usage was stressed by various participants at the event.

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