Rock band Scratz talk about their comeback, their new album and future plans

Every time they return to the circuit, rock band Scratz springs a surprise. After a long hiatus, they hit the comeback trail in 2012 and brought a concept video In the shed. After a brief disappearance, they have now resurfaced with second album, Bring out the big guns.

“We are back with fresh music. It’s packed with energy. Listen to us, we bring raw energy,” says an upbeat Sriram (vocalist and guitarist), adding that the lyric is “in-your-face-writing”.

Sriram T.T., Tapass Naresh (drums) and Satish Narayanan (guitar) connect with one another in rare ways, a factor that has kept the band intact over the years. In 2006, the three friends joined to form Scratz (spelt intentionally to avoid copyright issues).

While Sriram and Tapass were batchmates at Chettinad Vidyashram, Satish was at St. Michael’s Academy.

“I met Satish at school culturals. Plus, all three lived in the same neighbourhood, which made it easy to jam,” says Sriram.

For three years, the band concentrated on competitive events and gigs. They graduated to the next level with the release of the first album Design in 2009. In their mid-20s, the three pursue different professions.

“When we are not working, we are jamming,” says Sriram. “This is not our hobby, it is who we are. We go to work only to fuel our passion.”

For the next five months, the trio will tour the country for gigs. Besides that, more music videos are in the offing. They are raring to go.

(A column about entities that have outgrown neighbourhoods.)

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