The State Government has notified the revision of minimum rates of wages for employment in agriculture.

In the case of employees engaged in ploughing with their bullocks and ploughs, the minimum wages are Rs.185 per day. If they are engaged without their bullocks and ploughs, the rate is Rs.100 per day.

In respect of those engaged in harvest of paddy or crops other than paddy, the rates are Rs.100 per day for men workers who do the work for six hours and Rs.85 per day for women who do the work for five hours.

The same rates are applied to those engaged in activities such as sowing, plucking of seedling, re-planting of seedlings, weeding operations, trimming bunds and fields, bee-keeping, poultry farming, dairy farming and climbing trees.

The revised wages came into effect from Thursday (October 1). The notification has also made it clear that where there is no difference in the daily hours of work and where the same work or work of a similar nature is performed, no distinction in the payment of wages should be made between men and women workers as per the Equal Remuneration Act.

T.M.Anbarasan, Labour Minister, said the Panchayat Raj and Rural Development Department would issue an order shortly to revise the minimum wages paid to beneficiaries of the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme.

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