Officials of Metro Water, Ramky, police and Corporation lent an ear to the woes of the residents.

More than 100 residents of R.A. Puram met on May 12 to discuss various issues of their area. at Park View Street on May 12. They searched for solutions to civic problems that affect their daily life. The officials concerned were present to give answers.

Seated in an air-conditioned hall there were heated arguments with officials of various departments about the solutions for their problems. Some of the issues discussed include garbage, drainage overflow, blocked sewers and badly laid roads.

Muthukrishnan, Metro Water engineer for Zone IX, addressed the problems related to drainage and blockage of sewers.

Dr. Murali of B.M. Garden Street, said, “The need of the hour is cleaning and desilting of drainage pipes. Workers of Metro Water pile up the silt along the edges and as a result the entire silt slowly finds its way back into the pipes.” Dr. Chandrasekaran complained about mixing of drinking water and sewage on II Cross Street. A number of residents were sore about clogging of sewers near Sangeetha Hotel. Baskaran of VII Main Road (western end) complained about low pressure in the drinking water pipe lines. “The sewage connection given to one family is now shared by many as independent houses have been taken over by flats. Have the authorities taken any step in this regard?” questioned Ram Mohan of II Cross Road.

To all these complaints and queries, the engineer promised to take necessary action. He also informed that the department is taking steps to enlarge sewer pipes in case of surcharge flow.

Mosquito menace

When the Corporation health official Dr. Revathi addressed the gathering she pointed out that stagnant water and stored water cause mosquito menace. To prevent this, over head tanks and wells should be sealed. “But many residents want sunlight to stream into these water bodies. In that case, mosquitoes will definitely thrive in fresh water and we are ready to supply fish to feed on the mosquito larvae,” said the official. She also pointed out that the Corporation has been periodically removing hyacinth from the canals and the Cooum, spraying oil along the banks and regularly carrying out fogging operations. Jagan and Selvam, staff of Ramky Enviro Engineers, also attended the meet. Unanimously the residents felt that though Ramky has taken over the cleaning operations months ago, they have not made their presence felt. Major complaints included poor sweeping (workers not having proper cleaning equipment such as brooms as some sweep using coconut palms); improper garbage collection and segregation, shoddy work, and corrupt staff members. Some such as Nagaraj and Krishnagopal were more specific. They felt that the company had not properly trained the staff and they wanted the company to arrange for a meeting with the residents.

Sampath, Assistant Commissioner of Corporation Zone IX, was assailed with questions about storm water drain work and new roads. They asked him if any one road in their area can be turned into a model one. “If all the residents in that street co-operate, we are ready to do it,” promised the AC.

The residents were happy as there were no major issues in the law and order front. But numerous hands pointed out to traffic issues.

Inspector Srinivasan said that they are introducing e-beats in the area.

The association requested the civic body to provide a multi-compartmental urinal booth at Sangeetha Hotel junction. It also wanted to encourage the concept of ‘zero waste management' at R.A. Puram.


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