Agency’s plan includes detailed course of action at the street level for disposal of waste

Ramky Enviro Engineers has refused to change its course of action pertaining to conservancy operations in three zones of the city. In its response to the Chennai Corporation on Thursday, the private conservancy agency submitted a micro plan similar to the earlier one that was rejected. The civic body had directed Ramky to amend its micro plan for conservancy operations in the 88 sq km area within 15 days.

The micro plan includes the detailed plan of action at the street level for collection, segregation and transportation of solid waste in the three zones. After an inspection of the areas over the past few weeks, three teams headed by IAS officials had found that the “approved micro plan for conservancy in the privatised areas was flawed.”

The micro plan was approved by the corporation a few weeks after the contract for private conservancy operations in the three zones came into force on January1.

Residents of most areas stressed the need for frequent sweeping of roads. “We want roads to be swept periodically,” said R.B. Saravanan, a resident of Nungambakkam.

The private conservancy operator was expected to submit its revised micro plan of action to the civic body after another study. But it said in its reply that the total number of sweepers and tricycle helpers deployed in the three zones was 3,474 against the requirement of 3,335 according to the original micro plan.

Chennai Corporation officials said they would not accept the same plan. The civic body will verify the claims made by the private conservancy operator in its reply.

Ramky also failed to chalk out a detailed plan, including identification of additional areas where conservancy operation has to be strengthened at night according to the Chennai Corporation.


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