Residents of Chennai may soon be in for a reprieve from the searing heat as light rains are likely over the next two or three days.

A trough over Sri Lanka is expected to bring considerable rainfall to southern Tamil Nadu and north coastal districts till Friday.

Over the past couple of days, while the temperature during daytime did not shot up alarmingly, noon was an entirely different matter, said residents. L. Anuradha, a resident of Anna Nagar, said: “My daughter’s classes now begin at noon due to the board exams. It gets really hot by noon when I go to drop her at school.”

On Tuesday however, the climate was relatively cool due to showers in other parts of the State, including Vedaranyam and Ramanathapuram, on Monday. Nungambakkam recorded 31.5 degree celsius, one degree below the average, and Meenambakkam registered the normal of 32.4 degree celsius.

Officials of the meteorological department said that Chennai does not get much rainfall during March. This would be a welcome burst of rain for the State that has been rain-starved for some time.

Summer rains or thunderstorms usually begin only in mid-April as easterlies turn to westerly winds. More rains influenced by convective activity and increasing radiation will occur as summer approaches. May is when the city experiences maximum amount of summer rain.

Unlike interior parts of the State that are already bearing the brunt of summer, coastal areas including Chennai, have it easier as the incoming radiation is less thanks to prevailing easterly winds. This is why the temperature has remained close to normal so far, said Y.E.A. Raj, deputy director general of meteorology, Regional Meteorological Centre, Chennai.

Foggy and misty conditions also prevail in the city due to this reason. The last time Chennai received good rains in March was in 2008 when nearly 14 cm of rain was received. That year, the city received 7 cm of rain on a single day.

Officials of the meteorological department said that weather models indicate an increase in rainfall till Friday. Rain or thundershowers are likely to occur in some parts of the city.

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