SYMA's aim is to help average students perform better.

Srinivasa Young Men's Association (SYMA), Triplicane, provides free coaching for average performers. Through personal care and efficient teaching, it helps these students to reach new heights. Sampath Kumar, secretary, SYMA, says, “It all began when some members of SYMA noticed that children who did not do well in studies did not do well later in life. Realising the need to help these students, the members started helping the average and underprivileged students.”

Good response and excellent results encouraged the members to set up the tuition centre — ‘SYMA Growth' — for the economically backward children of the area.

“Our aim is not to make a bright child score high marks but to help an average student perform better. The faculty are college professors and high school teachers who concentrate on Class X and XII. Retired teachers also lend a helping hand. They handle subjects such as physics, chemistry, maths, accountancy and commerce. Individual attention is given and concepts are handled well. Here, children learn to present answers in a better way and the whole approach to examination changes. Question papers of previous years are discussed. Regular tests are given and assessed on time,” says Mr. Sampath.

Just before the exam, to inspire the students and to eradicate fear, educationists are invited to address the students.

Writing materials such as notebooks, answer sheets and other stationary items are provided by SYMA which spends about Rs. 3 lakhs on this venture alone. Students are enrolled from July onwards. Admission is purely based on the economic condition and interest of the student. Classes are handled separately for students studying in Tamil and English mediums. “I want more students to join the tuition centre and get benefited,” says Mr. Sampath. Those who wish to enrol, can contact SYMA at 29, T.P. Koil Street, Triplicane.


Workshops & EducationMay 14, 2012