System to be launched after Pongal by the revenue department

Residents in Chennai will shortly have an option for online property tax assessment.

Residents of all 15 zones will be able to use the system to assess property tax for new buildings, for assessment of modified structures and special buildings, change of name on property tax records or revision of tax.

The system will be launched after Pongal by the revenue department and similar systems will gradually be adopted by other departments of the Corporation.

Such systems are expected to strengthen the Corporation’s monitoring mechanism and improve delivery of civic services.

A resident who submits an application at the public relation centres will receive a serial number for reference.

The application will be forwarded to the revenue official concerned on the same day after approval by the zonal official.

After field verification, the required process will be made through the system.

Officials including assistant revenue officers, zonal officers, regional deputy commissioners, deputy commissioner (revenue and finance) and Commissioner will screen all the data on a daily basis.

The reasons for any delay in processing applications will be communicated to senior officials regularly.

The existing system for property tax assessment, changes or modifications has elicited poor response from residents because of delay in processing applications.

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