Members of Airports Authority Employees’ Union (AAEU), gathered outside the administrative building of the Airports Authority of India (AAI) on Tuesday, were a determined lot.

“Whatever happens, we will not let the bidders into the terminal. They have no business here at our airport. We have positioned our protestors at various spots and there is no way they can step out without our knowledge,” said an AAEU member.

When Anuj Agarwal, a member of Key Infrastructure Development (KID) cell — set up by the government to speed up the process of privatisation — arrived, the employees gheraoed him and raised slogans against him till he exited the terminal.

AAEU members then proceeded to thwart some bidders’ attempt to visit the terminal by blocking their way out of the AAI’s administrative building.

After a long wait, the bidders dropped the plan of visiting the terminal and took a circuitous route to the hotel where the project briefing took place.

“The privatisation of the airport will certainly have a negative impact on the passengers. For instance, while we charge a parking fee of Rs. 60, the private operators in airports like Delhi or Mumbai charge about Rs. 300. Passengers will have to shell out more money,” said Morris Romal Roy of AAEU.

Around 4 p.m., the bidders left. One of them said he would come another day to inspect the terminals.

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