Former students have been asked to submit details for inclusion in database

Chennai Corporation schools have started collecting data on their old students to create a comprehensive database for private sector jobs.

“The database of all students who passed out of Corporation schools will be ready in a few months. Former students of Chennai Schools will be asked to submit particulars on their education to their schools. We will compile the data for offering employment opportunities and skill development courses,” said an official of the civic body.

The database is likely to have the details of lakhs of persons in the age group of 18 to 35. Data on persons more than 35 years of age will also be included in the list.

An advertisement on inclusion of old students in the database will be made shortly.

“A number of executives from companies such as TVS and Reliance have already met with Corporation officials. The companies will also impart training in skill development for the old students. Each company will require hundreds of candidates for various jobs in the city,” said an official of Chennai Corporation.

The Chennai Corporation has 284 schools in the city. Most of the students of the previous batches have failed to join professional courses.

The new initiative will give an opportunity to such students to get lucrative jobs even after dropping out of school. Many students continue to drop out of Chennai Schools in the city because of social conditions in slum neighbourhoods.

As many as 85,000 students are currently on the rolls of Chennai Corporation Schools catering to 1500 slum neighbourhoods with more than 20 lakh people.

The database will also be of use to companies in need of skilled employees in the Chennai metropolitan area.

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