The Kollywood star was leaving the airport when he was caught by the police

The Chennai Traffic Police launched a fresh crackdown on cars with dark sun control films on Monday. Among those fined on Tuesday was actor Vivek.

In May, the traffic police had begun warning and initiating action against vehicles that had the sun control films on their windows.

After a lull, the drive seems to have resumed. Over 1.37 lakh cases were booked last year and over Rs.1 crore was collected as fine.

Actor Vivek was fined Rs. 100 as his car’s windows and windshield were covered with sun control film. He was caught while leaving the Chennai airport on Tuesday, police sources said. “He said that the usage of the film was necessary to protect his privacy; otherwise, people may start crowding his car,” said a senior police officer.

According to the police officer, around 40 people were fined near the airport and 25 people near Madipakkam on Tuesday. Over 400 cases were also filed on Anna Salai said police. “We have been asked to remove the films from all vehicles. Many High Court judges have already removed the films voluntarily,” said K. Baskaran, Anna Salai traffic enforcement inspector.

The removal of sun control films will help keep vigil on any untoward activity or movement of criminals in vehicles. “The installation of cameras in all junctions as part of the Integrated Traffic Management System will help us detect any such activity. Officers will also be able to view the cars from various angles at different junctions and thus track offenders who have taken detours,” said a senior police officer.

The fine is just Rs.100 for first-time offenders. But repeat offenders will be charged Rs. 300.

“In case of further violations, we will seize the vehicle. The number of offences can easily be found out from records we can access in our hand-held devices,” said Mr.Baskaran.

The Visual Light Transmission (VLT) of tinted glasses should be 70 per cent in the front and rear screens and 50 per cent on the side windows respectively.

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