City residents who woke up to a cloudy sky on Monday can expect the weather to be pleasant for at least three more days. Rain in southern parts of the State has influenced Chennai's weather, say meteorologists.

The surging day temperature prevalent since the beginning of March has stabilised in the past two days. On Monday, the observatories in Nungambakkam and Meenambakkam recorded 32.4 degree Celsius and 33.1 degree Celsius respectively, close to average temperature experienced during this month. Some parts of the city had traces of rainfall.

“It was breezy in the evening and the drizzle cooled down my house a bit,” said Pramila S., a resident of Kellys.

“This is not summer rain. This is due to easterly wind, more like a pattern experienced during northeast monsoon. There has been isolated rainfall in southern parts of the State, particularly localities close to Kerala,” said an official of the meteorological department.

While the temperature may remain normal or dip below average for three or four days, officials said that it may rain on all the days as such phenomenon was fickle during summer. The department forecasts that the sky would be cloudy and rain or thundershower would occur in some areas.

The maximum temperature would be around 30 degree Celsius.

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