Two sections of women — residents of Shankar Nagar on one side and women workers engaged in stone crushing units on the other –— clashed, when they came to submit their petitions at the Pammal municipality office on Monday.

The clash, restricted to verbal arguments only, was settled after elected representatives from the municipality intervened.

Members of residents’ welfare associations of Shankar Nagar in Pammal Municipality, numbering a few dozen, assembled in their locality on Monday morning and marched to the municipal office. They carried placards urging the municipal administration to address issues such as the stray dog menace, choked drains, overflowing sewage and mosquitoes. They also appealed to the municipality and the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board, to shut down a number stone crushing units operating illegally that had been causing immense dust pollution for several years now.

However, at the municipal office, there was also a group of women working in these stone-crushing units, who had come to get ‘pattas’ – land ownership documents for places they had been living in for years.

A verbal confrontation occurred between the two groups of women, as they submitted contrasting views of the crushing units.

The women workers said the stone crushing units were the only source of livelihood for several hundred families. If the units wereshut down, they would be on the streets. Elected representatives, municipal officials and police officers intervened in the verbal duel and pacified both sets of women, who then submitted their petitions to C.V. Elangovan, Pammal Municipal Chairman, who said the municipal administration would go through both petitions and forward them to the State government.

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