The Perambur flyover has come as a big relief for thousands of motorists in north Chennai. A day after its inauguration, on Monday, there was no sign of the traffic congestion in the area.

G. Annadurai, a resident of Moolakothalam, said that the completion of the flyover marked the fulfilment of a long-time demand of the residents of north Chennai. Many of them had lost hope about the flyover as the project was stalled for many years.

In the absence of the flyover, the residents, particularly motorists, faced severe hardship negotiating the traffic at the level-crossing facilities and subways that were narrow and clogged.

Even as people started using the flyover, which links several localities including, Kolathur, Sembium, Peravallur, Periyar Nagar, Jawahar Nagar, Moolakadai, Jamalia and Ayanavaram, a section of the motorists are confused about the route to be taken to reach the various destinations.

J. Balaji, a resident of Thiru Vi Ka Nagar, who works in a public sector bank in Esplanade, found the route easier while proceeding from Thiru Vi Ka Nagar, but was confused on which route to take in the return direction. He was under the impression that while returning home to Thiru Vi Ka Nagar, he could proceed only through the Perambur subway from the Jamalia side and not use the flyover.

Motorists like him emphasised the need for the Chennai Corporation to install more display boards to guide the users. Mr.Balaji said the civic body should complete the demolition of a structure where an eatery functions on the Paper Mills Road-Tank Bund Road junction as the customers park their vehicles haphazardly posing problems to motorists.

As per the traffic plan for the new flyover, drawn up by the project consultant of Chennai Corporation, vehicles coming from Jamalia on Perambur High Road and bound for Ayanavaram and Integral Coach Factory have to use the newly formed link road on the southern side of the flyover. Vehicles coming from Jamalia and bound for Madhavaram High Road have to use the flyover and take the newly formed link road at Tank Bund Road and a left in to Perambur High Road.

Vehicles bound for Siruvallur Road and Paper Mills Road have to take a right turn on the newly formed Link Road on Tank Bund Road.

Vehicles coming from Siruvallur Road and bound for Jamalia have to go through Paper Mills Road, take a right turn in to Tank Bund Road and a left turn in to the newly formed Link Road and again a left turn in to Perambur High Road to take the flyover at Madhavaram High Road.

Vehicles from Madhavaram High Road bound for Jamalia and Ayanavaram have to take a ‘U' turn at the end of Madhavaram High Road to take the flyover.

Vehicles from Ayanavaram bound for Jamalia have to go under the flyover.

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