For several former govt. employees, the pension will increase by 25 to 40% if the recommendations of 4th pay commission go through

Several State government pensioners are waiting for a hike in their pension for over six years now.

Pensioners in the city say there would be an increase of 25-40 per cent in their pension if the recommendations of the fourth pay commission are implemented.

Till 2007, when the State government suspended provision of the hike citing want of funds, only those who retired from government service on or before May 1988 received the increased pension.

However, if the recommendations of the pay commission go through, the increase in pension would be applicable to those who retired in the years preceding December 1995, says P. Avudainayagam, a pensioner.

Members of the Tamil Nadu Elders Welfare Association said nearly 1.5 lakh to 2 lakh pensioners across the State would benefit from the hike. The association’s general secretary S.M. Chellaswamy said the Supreme Court of India passed an order directing the State government to implement the revision in the pension amount in January this year.

“The Tamil Nadu government is yet to pass a government order for the purpose,” he said.

Members said they could avail benefits recommended by the subsequent pay commissions once the revision is put in place.

“This will help us meet mounting medical expenditure and increasing cost of essential commodities,” he added.