It has been accepted that one of the reasons for increasing incidences of diseases such as diabetes or metabolic disorders is the changing lifestyle. In around 50 years, simple lifestyles have given way to overindulgence. And, the Indian population is suffering the from consequences.

The four key speakers at a daylong programme on optimising nutritional support in health and disease organised by the Department of Home Science, Queen Mary's College here on Saturday, dwelt at length on how unhealthy lifestyle changes led to diseases.

Department head Chandra Venkatasubramanian said it was for the first time that the 50-year-old department was hosting a national seminar of this nature. Around 500 academics participated and 100 research papers were presented and evaluated by a panel of four experts. The papers were complied and published as a book, which was released by J. Uma Maheswari, Director of Collegiate Education.

V. Mohan, chairman, Dr. Mohan's Diabetes Specialities Care Centre, inaugurated the conference.