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Updated: February 13, 2012 20:00 IST

Parents shocked over murder

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Parents escort their wards as the St. Mary’s Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School declared a holiday following the murder of a teacher on the premises on Thursday. Photo: S.S. Kumar
The Hindu
Parents escort their wards as the St. Mary’s Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School declared a holiday following the murder of a teacher on the premises on Thursday. Photo: S.S. Kumar

Students in lower classes had no inkling of the incident

Tension gripped Armenian Street in Parry's Corner on Thursday as word spread that a teacher had been murdered in a private school in the area. The St. Mary's Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School which is nestled behind a church is 167 years old. Around 1,500 students study in the school.

The class IX student, who carried a kitchen knife, had attacked a teacher, Uma Maheshwari, while she was correcting notes in a classroom on the first floor of the building. According to a police officer investigating the case, the boy had purchased the knife on Tuesday from a shop for Rs.20 and planned to carry out the act on Wednesday itself.

By noon, parents gathered in front of the school while shocked teachers huddled in a classroom on the first floor. Teachers and parents repeatedly said the incident had caught them by surprise.

Most of the parents and the few teachers who were present in the school repeatedly used phrases such as “it is unbelievable,” “we are shocked,” “we are all upset,” and “we cannot believe how this happened.” The school declared holiday after the lunch break around 11.30 a.m.

N. Punitha and her husband, residents of Broadway, came to the school after hearing from their son, who is in class XII, about the incident. “My son's class was writing a revision test when the students heard the ambulance siren. He told us that the students became agitated on seeing the school authorities scurrying around. The students learnt that a teacher had been injured and that the school had closed for the day. She was a nice teacher. We learnt that the teacher had died, so we rushed to the school.”

According to several parents who had gathered at the school, there have been no complaints about harsh disciplining of students. N.G. Harikrishnan, alumnus and father of two sons who are studying in the school, became emotional. “It's upsetting. I can't believe something like this could have happened in the school,” he said.

Agitated parents blamed it on the influence of cinema. “This is a big disappointment to us. What culture is this? Ban songs like Kolaveri which have a bad influence on children,” said Nath, a parent. Another parent said, “The school ensured that the boys are good [disciplined]. We had no complaints against the teachers.”

While adults discussed the issue and gathered in groups near the school, students in the lower classes had no inkling of the incident. A class VII student who was waiting outside the school gate said he did not know why the school had declared holiday. When asked why he was waiting he said, “I am waiting for the driver of our school van. He is inside the school. The boys sent me to fetch him.”

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This is an expected accident only .Nothing to be bewildered about it.Every one should wake up now and be ready for 'ATHMA VIMARSHA'.No use of blaming any one or any system.What ever is happening inside is seen out side. You are the world.Forty years of my teaching experience taught me this. We ought to realise that first we are human beings and then professionals.Then we will produce good children, good movies,good students, good environment to live congenial life.This is what I teach to my students in an Eng. College.Hoping for a better society.

from:  Nandula Prabhakara sastry.
Posted on: Feb 13, 2012 at 15:21 IST

all this happen because of competition today everyone try to force student to score good marks not focus on providing some good moral values in class .if a student fail he will be treated badly by his parents,teachers and one ask what good thing u study in ur school today all ask what ur percentage i think that wrong and its only reason why that boy commit such a stupid act ...

from:  bipin
Posted on: Feb 12, 2012 at 21:15 IST

First and foremost the parents should show concern towards their children and have a close watch on their behaviour and conduct regularly. The teachers must make the students understand that their advice and check is for the benefit of them and in no way to harm them. But I would like to definitely state that this is a very wild act, two children had lost their mother , even compensation amount cannot definitely compensate her death. I read in the newspaper that there were 14 marks of knife on her body, which cannot be spared by the teacher's family.Something should be done, should or in other words some measures must be taken so that other children who have witnessed this incident ,do not take it as an advantage. This is a very sad incident, For writing remarks if a teacher is going to be stabbed , then where is the state moving towards , it is not only the teachers who should be careful , but also the fellow students. May her soul rest in peace.

from:  PRIYA
Posted on: Feb 12, 2012 at 21:09 IST

The days are becomming bad to worse. I am a senior citizen aged 72 years thinking of the past culture of both the students, teachers apart from the parents. Discipline is the vital thing that was taught first, then only secondary, the studies, etc.Conduct and charecter building was given IMPORTANCE in the different schools. In Salem town, there was Hindu Maha jan High school, Bharathy Vidyalaya High school, Little Flowers High school and the London Mission High school. All these were Noted for its conduct and charecter building then only studies and sports.There were competition amoung them.Nowadays every thing is lacking and there are NO MORAL CLASSES.Education is purely Commercialised.

from:  M.A.Dhanaraj.B.A
Posted on: Feb 11, 2012 at 04:37 IST

As a student of St.Paul's Seminary,Tiruchi for seven years (1944-51) in my adolesnce and early manhood, I had become very familiar with the culture and behavioural patterns of Tamil Society, and admired the respect which people had for each other,and the remarkably disciplined way school children behaved on the streets and in buses,so much so I consider Tamil Nadu to be my second "thainadu."
This indescribably painful incident of a fifteen year old student,cruelly stabbing his unsuspecting teacher to death in a pre-calculated way, shows beyond doubt that Tamil society,like societies in other parts of India, has undergone some radical changes,and measures must be taken to prevent a repetition of this tragedy. I would unhesitatingly suggest that a security guard be employed to check the students as they enter through the gate.
Certainly , full compensation has to be paid to slain Smt.Uma Maheswari's family. Let a block in the school building be named after her,as a fit memorial.

from:  Bishop Mar George Theckedath
Posted on: Feb 10, 2012 at 05:36 IST
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