3M Healthcare, a division of 3M India Ltd., in collaboration with Infection Control Nurses in Chennai, organised a workshop on the importance of controlling and preventing vascular infections during treatment to ensure better patient outcomes and speedy recovery.

More than 60 healthcare professionals from reputed hospitals such as Apollo, SRMC, Fortis, Frontier Life Line and Sankar Netralaya participated to discuss best practices, in operation theatres and ICUs, two areas in hospitals, where patients are most susceptible to infections.

On the occasion, Punitha Singh, Director, Nursing, Apollo Hospitals, said, “The main aim of the club is to share the best practices and to standardise the infection control practices. ICNC will also facilitate continuous medical education to upgrade knowledge and to develop professional competency which would promote best practices in infection prevention and control practices in the patient care areas.

“Its focus would also be on evidence-based practices. Educating healthcare workers and clients would be an important facet of ICNC.” Ajay Jain, General Manager, Skin & Wound Care Division, 3M India, said, “Nursing is one of the important parts of delivering healthcare effectively. Continuous medical education is a necessity in the field of healthcare service with the kind of medical emergencies faced by doctors today. This will ensure better patient outcomes, a critical benchmark for quality healthcare service delivery in the country.”

The workshop also covered common complications of infusion therapy and presented a resource pack to assist professionals in reducing infections and control infection associated with vascular devices. 3M India in collaboration with National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers conducts educative workshops for healthcare providers and facilitators in surgical site infection prevention, sterilisation assurance, and wound management across India.