Higher education, business and leisure top the reasons for Indians visiting Germany.

“Despite the devaluation of the rupee and economic scenario, there was a five per cent increase in the number of visitors to Germany in 2013. Between January and November 2013, India sent 5.84 lakh visitors,” said Romit Theophilus, director, German National Tourist Office, India. Asked about Chennai-specific data, Mr. Theophilus said a lot of students from the city were pursuing higher education in Germany and there were a substantial number learning the German language here.

“In Europe, Germany has emerged as one of the most affordable destinations. Our four-star hotels charge 120 euros whereas those in Switzerland and Paris charge nearly two times more,” he said.

Mark Spivey, director, International Sales, Maritim Hotels, Germany, said there were a lot of Indian restaurants catering not just for business travellers but also those on leisure tours.

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