Corporation’s permission mandatory to build swimming facility

The State government on Wednesday framed a Bill detailing the safety norms to be followed by swimming pools in schools.

In August this year, nine-year-old Ranjan died in the swimming pool at PSBB School in K.K. Nagar.

Local administration and water supply minister K.P. Munusamy introduced the Bill in the Assembly to amend laws on municipal corporations and municipalities in the State.

According to the Bill, Ranjan died due to lack of safety measures in the construction and maintenance of the swimming pool. “The government, therefore, considers that there is an imperative need to evolve meaningful and comprehensive measures to ensure safety and security of users of swimming pools, particularly in educational institutions.”

The government decided to amend the laws on urban local bodies — Chennai, Madurai and Coimbatore Municipal Corporation Acts and District Municipalities Act — to regulate construction, maintenance and monitoring of swimming pools.

No swimming pools would be constructed without permission from commissioners of Chennai, Madurai and Coimbatore Corporations or the executive authority of the other local bodies, the Bill said.

Applications must be made to the commissioners or other officials concerned and they should be accompanied by a fee not exceeding Rs. 5,000.

The existing swimming pools must acquire an official nod within three months of the law coming into force.

The Commissioners or their nominees have been empowered to enter any building or property where swimming pools are located and inspect or take measures for the safety and maintenance of the pools.

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