The Tamil Nadu Slum Clearance Board has cautioned residents of Dooming Kuppam that the reconstruction of their houses would be delinked from the World Bank-funded project if they failed to cooperate with its officials in the biometric identification of the beneficiaries.

The officials have issued a notice, which they said was final, asking the residents to convey their willingness for the identification process before March 15.


“The residents are reluctant to permit officials to photograph their houses and make a biometric identification of the beneficiaries,” said an official of the TNSCB.


Seven meetings have been organised with the residents, but they are yet to vacate their houses for the reconstruction under the World Bank-funded Emergency Tsunami Reconstruction Project, the official said.

The reconstruction project of Dooming Kuppam would include construction of 828 dwelling units with a built-up area of 350 sq ft each.

The units would be constructed at a cost of Rs.5 lakh each. According to one of the residents of the area, S. Irudhyaraj, most of those who are reluctant to vacate their houses are scared of losing their status as original inhabitants of the area.

“They are scared of that the government would include more beneficiaries from other parts of the city in the reconstructed Dooming Kuppam,” he said.


Aloysius Xavier LopezJune 28, 2012

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