Eyewitness recalls two incidents; in 2006, a couple on motorcycle fell at tricky bend

On Tuesday afternoon, passers-by watched in horror as a man fell from the Alwarpet flyover and crashed into a car parked underneath.

Many were taken aback by the surreality of the accident, which resulted in A. Stephen’s instant death. Not Raman, though – he had witnessed two almost similar accidents at the flyover.

On Tuesday afternoon, 58-year-old Stephen who was heading towards C.P. Ramasamy Road from TTK Road was thrown out of his car after the vehicle swerved and hit the railing of the flyover.

“I was repairing a vehicle tube when I heard a thunderous noise. When I looked up, I saw a man falling down on a car parked just a few feet away from me,” said Raman, who runs a two-wheeler tyre shop near the C.P. Ramaswamy Road-TTK Road Junction.

“In 2006, a couple were thrown off their motorcycle and fell down in an almost similar fashion. They landed on a moving car, but survived. In another instance, three motorists fell. One of them is believed to have succumbed to injuries,” he said.

In the 2006 accident, the couple, Viswanathan (27) and Pavithra (22), were travelling in the same direction as Stephen. They were thrown off their vehicle while negotiating the bend, just as Stephen was. They sustained injuries in the head, arms and legs and were admitted to the Government Hospital at Royapettah. Later, they were shifted to Apollo Hospitals where Pavithra underwent neurosurgery.

The accident on Tuesday drew a huge crowd. Barely an hour later, the internet was buzzing with discussions about it.

“I reached the spot a few minutes after the man fell from the flyover. His corpse was covered with a white cloth. There was traffic congestion on the flyover and on the road below as curious onlookers had gathered,” said H. Ramakrishnan, a motorist.

Residents say negotiating the turn on the flyover is tricky, especially at night and during the monsoon.

“During rainy season, I drive my bike carefully to avoid skids on this dangerous stretch. The government should increase the height of the railing to prevent such accidents,” said V. Bharat, a marketing manager who resides on Bawa Road in Alwarpet.

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