The project could not be completed as the TNSCB was unable to relocate families

The proposed redevelopment of slum tenements on the Marina beach will not be funded by the World Bank anymore.This follows the expiry of the deadline of December 2011 for the completion of the project.

The project could not be completed as the Tamil Nadu Slum Clearance Board was unable to relocate families because of stiff resistance from residents of Nochi Kuppam, Dooming Kuppam and Srinivasapuram.

However, the State government has planned to provide budgetary support for redevelopment of the tenements if the residents cooperate with the TNSCB in the relocation process later.

The World Bank recently completed the implementation of the Urban Housing Component of the Emergency Tsunami Reconstruction Project (ETRP)

Of the 7,320 tenements proposed under the Marina redevelopment project, only 628 houses have been constructed so far. The residents of Nochi Nagar would have their new houses by May.

Residents of Srinivasapuram and Foreshore Estate have been objecting to the construction of 3,576 tenements in the locality as part of the project.

The reconstruction of another 824 houses in Dooming Kuppam was also delinked from the World Bank project a few years ago because of reluctance of the residents to accept the conditions of TNSCB.

However, the relocation of 828 families in Nochi Kuppam to temporary shelters as part of the redevelopment under the ETRP began one year ago. The construction of new houses, each at a cost of Rs.5.5 lakh, was expected to begin in February. Most of the hutment dwellers in Nochi Kuppam relocated to the temporary shelters 300 m away.

The huts were razed down but over 500 dilapidated tenements could not be demolished for reconstruction as each of the beneficiaries demanded two redeveloped houses to accommodate all members of their family.

The Marina redevelopment project is likely to become a reality after the State government meets the demands of the residents.

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