Images of land buyers, vendors and witnesses to be captured using web camera

The scheme of capturing images of land buyers and biometric data, including thumb impressions, was launched in 250 sub-registrar offices on Thursday.

Under this, the images of land buyers, vendors and witnesses will be captured using web camera.

Suresh Rajan, Minister for Tourism and Registration, inaugurated the scheme at the Mylapore sub-registrar office.

The new system replaces the old practice of land buyers submitting their photographs and appending their thumb impressions.

However, even now, the buyers will have to append their signature, according to R. Sivakumar, outgoing Inspector General of Registration.

The problems of impersonation and registration of fake documents will be effectively addressed, he says.

As the data regarding lands and buyers will be electronically stored, their retrieval and transfer can be carried out swiftly and easily.

Will be extended

The scheme will be extended to another 250 sub-registrar offices in a month, according to Mr. Sivakumar.