Residents from various parts of the city have started to throng Ripon Building and zonal offices asking for new Property Tax Demand Cards as the Chennai Corporation is yet to supply the new set of cards. The old cards expired in March this year.

The civic body had distributed cards valid for the period between 2007 and March 2012, to 6.5 lakh owners of houses and other properties under the old city limits, for records of property tax payments. After the merging of new areas, the city now has 200 wards. In addition to 107 old wards where the cards have expired, the civic body also has to distribute cards to over 10 lakh assessees in the newly merged areas.

Some owners have started using the internet and other hand-held devices for payment of property tax, but most of the city's residents still rely on the property tax demand card as an important legal document. The card is also crucial for those selling their property, since the document is taken as the basis for a change in name of the owner for Metrowater supply and electricity supply.

Thousands of residents who pay their property tax in advance have been severely affected because of the delay in printing the property tax demand cards.

“People like us want to pay their property tax in advance, as we may not be able to pay it later in the year,” said S. Sasitharan, an official of the Reserve Bank of India. The Corporation should take necessary steps to issue these cards at the earliest, he added.

“The integration of the database of property tax assessees has consumed additional time. It has been completed now. We will issue the cards next week,” said D. Karthikeyan, Chennai Corporation Commissioner.


Aloysius Xavier LopezJune 28, 2012

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