The need for collective work by the management and the workers’ union has been stressed by Arun Anant, Chief Executive Officer, Kasturi and Sons Limited. Addressing the 56th anniversary of The Hindu Office and National Press Employees’ Union here on Friday, he said the coming together of the two arms of the institution would help to improve the welfare of the organisation and benefit the employees.

Several changes had been taking place inside and outside the institution in the last one year. While it was change of management in the office, competition was on the rise outside. There was a 25 per cent increase in foreign exchange outgo in recent times, leading to increased cost. During a similar crisis earlier, the employees extended a helping hand in resolving it. Mr. Ananth hoped that the smooth relationship between the union and the management would continue in future.

Thanking the management for giving an increased bonus this year also, E. Gopal, president of the union, said that in dealing with the new management, he did not find any difference.

“We never forced any of the employees to contribute to the union from their bonus, rather a small percentage was fixed,” said M. Kamalanathan, general secretary.