Construction material is heaped and vagabonds laze around.

Elango Nagar terminus in Anna Nagar Western Extension was obtained after a long struggle by the residents of the area. Orders were passed and letters were sent to officials and elected representatives before the dream project took shape.

But all these efforts have gone down the drain with contractors downloading heaps of stones and sand in the middle of the terminus. No one knows for what purpose the materials have been brought in. “This will hamper the bus services till the contractors complete their task,” said a commuter. He also said that already they were running behind the schedule during peak hours, taking ‘U' turns being the main cause of delay.

Private parking

Adding fuel to the fire the terminus is being misused as a private parking area thus preventing buses entering it. MTC conductor fumed over the poor facilities at the terminus. He complained bitterly about the haphazard parking of these vehicles.

“The terminus is becoming more of a resting place for vagabonds and passengers prefer to wait a few feet away. Maintenance of the facility has to be the common responsibility,” say commuters.

“While the corporation or the private parties it engages can maintain the physical structure the public should ensure that the facility is not be misused.

The police should also help by preventing anti social activities and driving away vagabonds,” they added.

When the bus terminus was put up, a shopping complex was also planned. A building with five shops was built by the then Ambattur Municipality during 1999-2000 drawing funds from the then North Chennai MP C. Kuppuswamy's local area development fund. Out of this a shop was allotted to the MTC to be converted into time-keeper office. But the space was not properly utilised as the MTC withdrew some of its staff from this place.

With the change of guards at the State and local body levels, the building was repainted, but again it was not put to proper use, according to R. Sathyabhama, a walker in the park nearby.

After being taken over by the Chennai Corporation, toilets near the terminus were also refurbished. “But what is the use? It is always found locked thus forcing commuters, MTC staff and other road users to misuse the vacant land as a public convenience,” laments a resident's welfare association member.

Bus services

At present, bus services on route numbers M70D-to Guindy, M27E-to Anna Square, 40A-to Anna Square, M141C-Thiruvanmiyur, 147C- T. Nagar, D70-Velachery, 7H-Broadway, are being operated fro the benefit of commuters from TVS Colony, TVS Avenue, Officers Colony, Elango Nagar, Murthy Nagar and many other adjoining areas.

But with this indifferent attitude, people are afraid that bus services may be affected.

It is hoped that the authorities concerned will intervene and restore the facilities lost due to want of maintenance.


Civic issues & HealthMay 14, 2012