Pallavan Transport Consultancy Limited (PTCS) has invited tenders to install LCD monitors in Metropolitan Transport Corporation (MTC) buses.

This innovative initiative is an attempt to increase MTC’s advertising revenue. According to sources, the project will be implemented in a phased manner.

“The LCD monitors will mainly display advertisements. The company which is setting up the television sets will have to pay the MTC an amount that will be decided later,” said a source.

At present, MTC’s advertisement revenue per month is Rs. 86 lakh.

“For advertisements on the rear and sides of the buses we charge Rs. 2, 700 per month. The contract is valid for 11 months. This new project is expected to boost our revenues,” said the source.

It is only after the tendering process is over that advertisement rates for the LCD monitors will be decided. “Tenders will be opened soon,” said the source.

However, officials are somewhat doubtful about the success of this advertisement model. “We will therefore be trying it in a phased manner and depending on the success, we will implement it in all buses,” said the source.

The additional revenue will help MTC maintain the buses better and even buy more buses. “Currently, it is important to maintain our buses. The doors do not even close in some of them, the rods on windows are rusty and screws on the seats are loose. The money from advertisement can be used to improve the quality of the buses,” said the source.

Transport experts though, are sceptical about such monitors in buses. “Only a few commuters will be able to see the monitors due to crowds and many will not even bother to look at the screen on a short ride,” said an expert.

“Besides, it will be a distraction and may prove beneficial for anti-social elements. Such a form of advertisements will serve a better purpose in mofussil buses,” he said, adding that audio-based advertisements could be a wiser option.

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