Two major MRTS stations close to Tidel Park, and used by thousands of commuters every day, have no safe parking facility.

Apart from deficiencies like non-functional elevators and poor lighting, Taramani railway station has had no safe parking facility for more than a year.

Sripriya, who takes the MRTS at Taramani station, said there is no parking contractor and this has resulted in commuters having to park their vehicles, at their own risk, on the desolate premises.

Taking advantage of the poor security, miscreants have often damaged a number of vehicles, said Ms. Sripriya.

In January, a two-wheeler parked at the railway station was stolen and when the matter was reported to the official at the ticket counter, he said the Railways was not responsible for the stolen vehicle.

Commuters at Tiruvanmiyur railway station too complained about the absence of safe parking.

The railway station attracts a large number of commuters from Tiruvanmiyur and the residential areas on East Coast Road, in addition to commuters from Tidel Park. But the absence of a parking contractor at the railway station has resulted in many commuters opting for other modes of transport.

Same is the situation at Chepauk railway station too.

H. Ramakrishnan, a regular commuter from Tiruvanmiyur, said it appears as though Southern Railway is not concerned about improving commuter facilities at MRTS stations.

A senior railway official said tender process for engaging a parking contractor at Taramani station is under way. For Tiruvanmiyur station, a second tender will be floated soon as there were no takers for the first bid.